Monday, April 4, 2011

Dada's Bowling Tournament!

Daddy bowled in the state bowling tournament again this year. Luckily, it just so happened to be in Dayton this year!!! So we got to make a weekend visit with Gammy, Poppy, and Grandpa Sacksteder out of it! That is one of our favorite kind of weekend!

Faith's Sophie!

This Sophie is one of the best baby items created. Faith loves, loves, loves it! Mommy, daddy, why didn't I have one when I was a baby??


Noah's 3rd Birthday Invitation In The Making!

I am having a fireman themed 3rd birthday party! This includes a trip to the local fire station and a party back at our house! I love playing with my firemen, fire trucks, and fire station so I am super excited about this party! Here are some pictures of the making of my birthday invitation this year.
The invitation!

Cute but blurry. Cute but my hair is a little messed up.
Cute but bottom lip isn't showing.
Cute but too silly.
Almost perfect....
Faith got in on the action too!

Sweet Faith - 6 and 7 months!

Peas and Acorn Squash!

Faith has been on puree's for almost 2 months now and has not yet become a huge fan (that includes cereal). We aren't sure the reason for her dislike (ie. if it's the taste or the consistency or what). Mommy has tried to change the consistency and that doesn't help too much though she does seem to prefer the more runny version over the thicker. Mommy usually get 5-6 bites in her before she seals her lips so tight that she can't squeeze the spoon in anymore. Sometimes she even gags and acts like she is going to puke. That stinker! :) Faith has had peas and acorn squash (both pictured below) and sweet potatoes and butternut squash (which we can't seem to find the pictures of). Maybe she will get a taste of fruit soon! Also, as you will see I am mommy's big helper. I love to help feed Faith!


Noah putting on the Varejao wig! :)

And Noah just being his sweet, handsome, happy self!

Momma and Her Babies!

This momma is SOOOO IN LOVE with her babies, me and Faith!

Faith and Jaden!

We had our friends, Sarah, Scott and Jaden over for dinner the other weekend! Sarah and Scott just recently moved back to Cleveland (both of their hometowns) from DC. Mommy and Sarah knew each other from college and daddy knew Sarah from high school. Sarah and mommy were due just 2 days apart (with Jaden and Faith) and Jaden is 2 weeks younger than Faith. We had a great time and can't wait to see them again!
Faith and Jaden both had blowouts so we thought we would snap a few pics of them in their diapers!

Barney's Birthday Bash!

I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate Barney's birthday with him this year! I wasn't that into Barney (key word = wasn't) before we went to the Barney show but mommy and daddy thought it would be fun for me and also wanted to see how I did sitting for a somewhat lengthy period of time for future reference (ie. basketball and baseball games, circus, other shows, etc). And I did enjoy watching my Barney movies in the car during our road trips down to Columbus and Dayton. I just really didn't watch Barney much on tv but I wasn't really into watching anything on tv. Well, I had a blast at the Barney show! I sang and danced but mostly just watched in awe! I even got popcorn, skittle, a balloon, and a stuffed "BJ." I talked about the Barney show for weeks and weeks (as I am still talking about it) and am looking forward to the next time I can go! (Hopefully, Barney comes again next year)! I am really good at imaginary play and pretend that I am Barney, or BJ or Rev, or Baby Bob or Mr. Knickerbocker, or even a tree (given the day). Mommy, daddy, Faith, and Bailey are all assigned roles to and we reenact the show. I play music on my keyboard and sing and dance. We play this game...hmmm...almost every day! Yep, I am now a HUGE Barney fan! :) So, mommy and daddy, I would say it was definitely worth it to go to the show because I obviously really enjoyed it if I am STILL talking about it!!!! Thanks! :)

Spring is in the Air (We Hope)!!!

We had a beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL spring-like day on St. Patrick's Day this year. It was so wonderful and we enjoyed a nice afternoon outside!!! Faith, went for a stroll, Bailey went for a walk, and I went for "a mow!" Your welcome to all the neighbors grass who I cut with my bubble mower! Just when I thought the afternoon couldn't get any better, our neighbor Cyndi got me my very first milkshake, a Shamrock Shake, to be specific. A Shamrock Shake is a green, mint flavored milkshake from McDonald's with whip cream and a cherry on top. Delicious!